Ta dum i am here, these plants need removing from the soil they are in and washing in a very mild solution of dishwashing liquid then washing again in cold water, then laying on some kitchen paper in the dapple sun to dry, and we see what happens then, yes looks like an excess of water, look in truth I have learnt the really really hard way with these plants in pots, I now water, african violets, Hoya’s and succulents and cactuses in pots, to the calendar, MONTHLY THEY succulents and hoyas get a light water, and African violets are placed in pot of water for around 2 hours and removed, and I mark the calendar and a month later go through same process again, its working …………….but it is trial and error even at my age.

With your rose you should mix one part dung to two part soil, and leave to break down for a few weeks before adding your rose, but like all Gardeners none of us have ever had a world of gardening where things did not fail, and growing in pots is always a touchy way to grow any plant you have to be aware of each plant as an individual, child, each needs their own mix of soil and nutrients to grow.

My cactus is flowering and why not a few pics of my venues fly traps (can you believe its a wild cactus my sister picked up on the side of a dirt road but it has the most beautiful flowers ever but they only last for 3 hour and then they fall off)

Arum can be grown year round, but is ideal during the winter and early spring months. Arrow-shaped leaves arrive in spring, then later in early summer, you’ll see spikes of bright orange berries can become very invasive………..and a permanent weed. would be better in a pot and cut the orange berry off and get rid of it before it reseeds from those, if it is grown in a pot, the bulb or rhizones are contained.