Bushy environment around the house

In some cases, you might find yourself too busy with your work, or you may have moved into a new home where you find an overgrown lawn. Living in a bushy environment can be challenging as it can even scare away any visitor who may wish to visit your home today. Too many people cutting down a thick lawn is not an easy task as it will be difficult to push your mover around. Cutting an overgrown lawn to manageable height may result in some problems such as extreme damages of the lawn from scalping or make a lawn to die.

If I wish to trim my lawn so that it can look beautiful and smart, I need to have a good a strategy and proper planning. If I do not handle an overgrown lawn with care by using a proper method I can damage my grass and lawn mower.

Some of the steps you can take to cut an overgrown lawn

Trim your lawn first

Before you start trimming your lawn, there are some materials that you will need some of them are work gloves, sickle, safety goggles and weed trimmer. While you decide to cut an overgrown lawn the main idea, you may have in your mind is to get your grass to a height that is manageable. Since trimming can damage some of your body parts, it is good that you wear appropriate protective materials such closed shoes, gloves, and pants

Trim the height of the lawn

You can start by using a sickle or weed trimmer to cut the overgrown lawn down into a lower height of your choice. It might not be that easy to cut the lawn as it needs a lot of energy and consumes a lot of time. The reason why many experts recommend that you first trim your lawn is to reduce the height of lawn so that you can find it easy to use a lawn mower in finalizing the lawn leveling task. You can find a convenient review of the best riding lawn mowers available right here.

Water the lawn

Before you start mowing your lawn, you can water the grass and leave it to grow for a one or two weeks. You should not worry as the grass cannot grow to a greater height for this period, this is meant to keep your lawn healthy as you prepare to mow it.

Mowing the lawn

Before you start mowing your lawn, there are some materials that you will need for you to ease your work some of the materials are safety goggles, work gloves, and push or riding mower. Before you start to mow the lawn that you had trimmed before make sure you put on your safety goggles, gloves and closed shoes to prevent any injuries to your body. You can then wear pants that can protect your legs then you follow the following process of mowing your overgrown lawn.

First mow– You have to set the mower to the highest setting and then mow for the first time so that you reduce the height of the grass to further lower level. This process in many cases can be slow as the mower may block and stop working. If it blocks, you can remove any grass or materials that may be blocking it.

The second mow– After you have mowed the height of the lawn to a much lower height set the mower to a height that you want and them mower the lawn for the second time. You can even decide to mower the lawn for the third time depending on your personal preference. Do not forget to be cautious enough when unblocking the mower and sharpening the lawn.

Mow the lawn daily — You can continue to mow your lawn in a daily basis. With time the lawn will start to look better if you maintain mowing it daily. It is good that you do not mow any lawn during the winter season as at this period the lawn will be at its semi-dormancy and it may not be able to adapt to any regrowth conditions.
Dethatch, seed and fertilize your lawn

For this process to be successful you will need some materials, for example, mechanical core aerator, lawn spreader, grass seed, fertilizer, compost or sand and scarifier. Probably one thing you will realize after cutting down your overgrown lawn is that you may be required to replace the underneath grass with new grass as inadequate sunlight might have hindered grass from growing in some areas. You may also be required to dethatch your lawn so that it can be easier for to remove the dead leaves and grass that might lay underneath the overgrown grass. Do not forget to remove any weeds that you might come across that may be a hindrance to the growth of your lawn.

Dethatch the lawn.

You can use a scarifier in removing any dead grass or leaves on the base of the lawn. This is to allow water and sunlight to reach the roots of grass allowing it to grow easily.

Aerate the lawn- You can use the mechanical core aerator. This equipment usually punches holes in the soil and removes soils so that water and nutrients can reach the base of the grass. To the punched holes you can apply appropriate sand, compost, and fertilizer for the grass to grow.

The idea of caring for my lawn that has overgrown may seem impossible to me. By following the above steps guidelines, I will have my lawn in good shape after maintaining it for a few weeks. As I have seen at tastefulspace when cutting the overgrown lawn, I should ensure that I take your time and take all the required precautions.

If the job is beyond my level, I can look for a gardener near me so that he/she can assist me in cutting the lawn. Many people have tried to follow the above guidelines in cutting their overgrown lawns, and they have lived to enjoy living in beautiful environment why not you?