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Best Car Dryer Blower

Car dryer

Best Car Air Dryers Comparison Chart

We’ve found the most popular and top rated car dryers and organized them in this comparison chart.

Air Force Master


  • Is used by professionals
  • Comes with 30-foot hose
  • Suitable for low-amperage circuits

McKee’s 37


  • 100% made in the USA
  • Has a 35-foot power cord
  • Very light and compact

Chemical Guys


  • Can be quickly converted into a vacuum cleaner
  • Extremely light at only 1.1 pounds

1. Air Force Master Blaster Revolution

This machine is one of the standard tools of the detailing industry. When you look for videos about auto detailing, this is a model that is frequently shown. Its popularity can be seen in the fact that its reviews on Amazon are 90% positive (meaning either four or five stars). With 4.0 horsepower and 18 Amps of power, this model is strong enough for any job. While the cost may be prohibitive for some people (a little over $400), it is a great saver of time and effort.

Air Force Master

Performance And Technical Issues:
When we look at the small number of negative reviews, we can see a pattern. The pattern shows that there are some issues with the 30-foot hose that comes with the unit. More than one user complained that the heat from the dryer caused the adhesive holding the hose in place to weaken. This resulted in the hose becoming detached, and two users say that they were unable to make it stay in place afterward. One cannot help but wonder why they simply did not buy some heat-hardening epoxy glue and fix the problem instead of complaining about it.

One user complained that the hose melted together while the product was sitting in the back of his work van. This is certainly a major failing, but the reviewer does not say how long the unit sat in his van, or how hot the temperature was on that particular day. The reviewer also does not tell us where he lives, meaning that we cannot even make a decent guess about the temperature.

Is It Recommended?
In my estimation, this product can be safely recommended. When 90% of those who buy such a popular product give it such good reviews, I find it difficult to argue. Those who complain of issues with the hose seem to be nit-picking, perhaps in the hope of getting reimbursed because they bought something they could not afford. Either way, the excellent track record of this product gives me numerous good reasons to recommend it.



Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is it safe to use this machine with a standard electrical outlet?
A: Yes, the device is meant to be powered by a standard 110V wall outlet. The cord is thick and strong enough to handle much more, so you don’t have to worry about the cord melting. It is well-grounded, making it unlikely to blow your breaker.
Q: Is this product available with a shorter hose?
A: Yes, you can buy a 10-foot hose for this model if your working space is small.

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2. McKee’s 37 MK37-9638100

The McKee’s 37 is a lot of dryer in a small and compact package. Rather than being equipped with wheels, it is equipped with a carry handle so that it can be used much like a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This one doesn’t seem to be quite as popular as our first entry but is generally well-regarded. At $200, it is about half the cost of the Master Blaster and claims to deliver six horsepower. This makes it significantly more powerful than the competition.

Performance And Technical Issues:
This one does not have a great approval rating, with 56% of Amazon buyers giving it positive reviews. This is probably due to the higher number of people who have complained of power issues. Again and again, I see users complaining that the device does not possess the high level of power that it claims. People consistently say that this dryer takes too long to do the job and has a hard time removing water from large flat surfaces like the roof and hood.

A lot of people also claim that this model has a tendency to blow its nozzle. Apparently, the nozzle pieces do not lock in place, and thus will often be blown off. This is very bad because it risks damaging your paint job.

Is It Recommended?
Based on what I see in the reviews, I do not think I can recommend this model. It claims to deliver a level of power that is greatly superior to the competition. According to its technical specs, it should do exactly that. However, the McKee’s 37 apparently does not. Based on this, I can only conclude that this product is not being advertised in an honest way. As such, I recommend you avoid this one. A small defect can be dealt with, but dishonesty is a deal-breaker in my book.



Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: The hose looks too short. How long is it?
A: The hose comes in at 80 inches, without the nozzle.

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3. Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6

This is the budget model. At only $45, the price is hard to beat. At such a low cost, our expectations for it must be lowered accordingly. However, this little device is more powerful than the average leaf blower and has the bonus of doubling as a precision vacuum cleaner. While this one isn’t exactly a top-of-the-line model, it is a great choice for those who cannot afford the big boys. It is also ideal for motorcycle/dirt bike owners because it provides just enough muscle to do the job.

Performance And Technical Issues:
Some users have complained of technical issues with this model. The most frequent complaint is that the machine is not powerful enough for an entire full-size car. This would seem like a frivolous complaint since the advertising does not make any large claims about power. More significant is the fact that some users report the device dying quickly after one or two uses. Based on their words, it sounds as if the power switches tend to go bad. However, this product receives mostly positive reviews (66% gave it four or five stars), so I would not call this a faulty product.

Is It Recommended?
I would not recommend this one to a professional car detailer or any other professional. In addition, those who own multiple cars might want to look elsewhere because this is a light-duty tool. However, it does its job as advertised, and worked well at the scale for which it was designed. I would recommend this model for someone who needs a cheap and basic solution that doesn’t involve a large expense. You could certainly do much worse.



Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can I run this thing with an inverter plugged into my vehicle’s cigarette lighter?
A: Yes. The small size and low power requirements make it ideal for this kind of use.
Q: Will this blower really do an entire car?
A: Yes, but it is not ideal for an entire car. It is better to use this dryer for the small spaces and the glass surfaces, for which it is ideal.

Check price and availability on Amazon

Time-saving advantages of a car dryer are not the only benefit. These machines are not exactly cheap, so it wouldn’t be worth it to buy one just for a little time-saving. The real reason to buy a car dryer is the fact that it will give you better results. When you wash your car and leave it in the sun to dry, you will almost certainly be able to see streaks, circles, and water spots on both the body and the windows. It may be a small thing, but it irritates me, and it probably also irritates anyone else who wants their car to be clean and appealing to the eye.

A car dryer will eliminate this problem, leaving your vehicle with a shiny, clean, smooth finish that glistens flawlessly in the sun. We should, of course, mention the common practice of drying your truck and bike rack with towels or chamois. This is certainly not the worst method, but it takes too long. In the time it takes to soak up every drop of water from your vehicle’s surfaces, you almost could have let the sun do the job.

The toweling approach will keep your car from showing streaks, circles, and water spots, but only if the towel itself is very clean. This means that you have to wash it between uses, adding even more time to the process. A car drying tool, by contrast, can do the job in five to ten minutes. Because this is a specialized and moderately expensive tool, it is very important to choose the right one.

Buyer’s Guide And Criteria

Right now, some of you might be asking yourselves “why would I need a special machine just to dry my car? I have the sun for that!” When I first heard of this particular device, I thought much the same thing. However, after giving this tool a thorough evaluation complete with lots of research and testing, I must re-think my former opinion. This is a machine that is actually far more useful than I would have at first imagined. Yes, the sun will dry your car (or anything else that you clean with water, for that matter), but it will take all day. Think about it. When you do your laundry, you can hang your clothes on a line or the fencepost, and that will do the job. However, most people will use a clothes dryer anyway. In like manner, it is worth spending a little money to save a whole lot of time.

For the inexperienced person, buying a car dryer can seem overly complicated. Companies will offer you all sorts of options and models, and will often tout the features of their product as being special even if they are as common as grass. As such, it is helpful to have a handy list of criteria with which to evaluate a potential buy. I recommend evaluating your dryer by consulting this list.


In closing, it should be noted that not all products and companies are created equal. More to the point, not all of them are completely honest. There are some who will make gigantic claims about the effectiveness, or the features of their product, only to disappear once they have collected their money. As such, do not take a seller’s word for anything unless you know them personally. Only good research and self-education can guide you properly in your choice. With that in mind, I wish you happy hunting and happy detailing.

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