Best car seat and stroller combo

Use These High-Grade Cars Seats and Strollers for Your Child during the Daily Commute

Car seats for babies are a must-have. In fact, most states require them for small children. Having one for your child will greatly increase the chances of no injuries occurring if you ever run into a fender. But what if you could add the practicality of a car seat with the mobility of strollers? The good news is that some brands have done just that. Reviewed further down are four of the best car seat and stroller combo sets that you will see anywhere else, even when compared to what might be sold at your local high-end shopping mall. And when that’s over with, head over to the Buyer’s Guide for the latest scoop on what to look out for in a good (or bad) car seat/stroller combo. The two best products are specified in the Conclusion.

1. Britax B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System – Best Car Seat and Stroller Combo for Safety (Editor’s Choice)

The Britax B-Lively and B-Safe 35 Travel System is a godsend for parents that need a seat/stroller combo that’s high in quality and doesn’t have any defects. It’s sturdy, built to last years after purchase, and probably the most comfortable that your baby will ever be in the outdoors. Once it’s unboxed, you will notice that most of the parts are already assembled together. Just pop on the wheels, unfold, and you’re ready to go. You can put it in the car fast too, unlike some of the brands’ competition. And having baby accessories such as this is a godsend whey they’re easy to move around. The car seat itself does have a little weight to it, so be careful when you pick it up and take it out of the car. Putting it in might also require a few test runs before you get the operation down well.

Are there any areas for improvement?
Yes, a few. When looking at the handle, you’ll see that they cannot be moved or turned. This could be a little annoying when walking in an area where you must make sharp, firm turns to avoid people. Secondly, the packaging is a little odd. The stroller and car seat are separated with their own boxes, and opening one side will be hard to do without causing damage to the other. Many consumers like to keep their boxes in case of needed to do a return, so a change in the packaging wouldn’t hurt.

Overall, the Britax B-Lively and B-Safe 35 Travel System hits most of the marks that make a combo in the category recommended. You would most appreciative of all the safety features implanted in the seats itself, having absorbers that will shield your child from the brunt of an abrupt stop. Try it out if you think your stroller sessions won’t take place in crowded locations.


  • Majority of the set is assembled already, with the exception of the wheels
  • Goes into the car very quickly, not a hassle to move around and fold
  • The car seat is weighted which gives it better security in the event to an accident


  • The handles cannot be turne
  • Difficult to unpack from the packaging

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2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System – Best Car Seat and Stroller Combo for Assembly (People’s Choice)

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System has great looking colors, although there are only three to pick from. However, they will pair up well with virtually any car or SUV that you have, especially if the interior is leather. But looks aside, there’s a lot of attributes for safety, and putting it together won’t make you frustrated. There are enough manuals to do it quickly, so have at it and be sure to check that all the parts are properly secured once you’re finished.

Space is key here. Large babies will be made especially relaxed, and the seat is wide for them to stretch but firm enough to keep them completely inside the unit at all times. Seat belts aren’t too harsh either, so don’t worry about them breaking out from running against it. As a result, your little one will probably be much quieter in the seat, making fewer instances of crying a high possibility.

Getting the base to lock on securely is quite painstaking. Try to practice it without the baby in the seat when you first acquire the Chicco. Then once you’ve got it figured out, there shouldn’t raise any issues. But that’s the easy part. Weight is where this unit really will hit you. It’s a bit heavy, a necessity but may make you sweat when taking it out of just shifting to the left or right side. And the little drink holder doesn’t help things out much. It feels like it’s in the way more than the number of times you’ll probably use it.

Still, don’t pass up the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. The weight that you will put up with is compensated for by the comfort of your bundle of joy. It will keep them safe and shaded when the sun’s up. It’s suggested for people that have babies that are growing up very quickly, or anyone that wants their stroller/car seat combo to last more than a year.


  • The assembly is straightforward and easy enough to do without an instruction manual
  • The color combinations are made to match most vehicle interiors
  • Lots of space for infants; reduces the chances of irritation (and crying)


  • The base will take getting used to in order to lock it fast
  • The weight, while good, might be hard for some people to carry by themselves
  • A drink holder that fastened on the seat makes the entire unit somewhat annoying to move in and out of a car

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3. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System – Best Car Seat and Stroller Combo for Walking

This Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Travel System is a tri-wheeled stroller and black car seat with a sturdy hood over it. First, the wheels. They are silky smooth to operate, and you will be able to feel the fewer bumps than past strollers that you may have used. Even on slightly bumpy surfaces, your sleeping baby will not awaken from light travel down the road or in a building. They will slide though, so no worries when walking over wet pavement.

As mentioned before, the hood is one-of-a-kind. You can really feel the temperature difference if you place your hands underneath when you’re outside in the sunlight. Your baby will enjoy it, and less heat means less of a chance of dehydration during the hot months. And if you’re in a hurry to get the stroller into your truck, it folds up quickly. You can even detach the wheels fast, in case your car is a bit on the small side. If your child is an infant, the Graco could end up being a great funds-saver. That’s because you won’t have to buy another car seat in quite some time. It’s wide and can be adjusted to the baby’s growing body.

Do take note of the tire pump in the front and rear tough. They are different in size and diameter. If you were to suddenly need to pump air into them, doing it would be a bit tricky. Try to acquire a small tire pump that you can take on the road with you if you’re sold on this product. You won’t have to worry about pumping only one-half of your tires. When all is said and done, the Graco will suffice for parents that like quality child carriers that you can use for months or years after getting it. So adjust away, and remember to take pictures of their growing process!


  • The wheels in the front will never lock up, and are able to travel down roads smoothly
  • At the top, the hood gives children a lot of shade width, lowering the temperature of the entire stroller
  • If needed, the wheels will snap off fas
  • Suitable for infants but adjusts to a wider size as they grow
  • Folding doesn’t take much energy to carry out


  • The front wheels have tire pumps that are smaller in diameter than the rear, which could make it impossible the pump every tire all at once

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4. Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller – Best Car Seat and Stroller Combo for Handling

The Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller has four wheels, with the two in the front placed close together. This set is for two children, so you could put your twins or little siblings inside and carry them both. Handling is top-notch, and probably the best factor out of everything else this car seat and stroller is capable of doing. You can put it in the car much easier than the other brands featured in the reviews. And don’t fret over a small vehicle; the entire unit should fit inside due to the compact way that it folds when you’re done.

The canopy doesn’t allow any light to bleed through, and the car seat is also good, but where most of the issue lie. Your child’s head will probably brush up against the hood after a few months, quicker depending on how fast they grow. And the seat itself is a pain to get on the stroller portion. You may have to use a bit of force, until it becomes “broken in,” so to speak.

To be summed up, the Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Stroller is good for most babies, but better if your child is still in their infancy or small in posture. Having their upper body scratch the canopy could induce crying, so be sure to check their size before you buy. There’s also a lot of room in both portions of the carriage areas at the bottom, enough to fit small pieces of clothing and more. You can load up an entire day’s worth of good with this stroller combo alone.


  • The handles are a breeze to push, even with just one hand
  • Once folded, the unit will fit comfortably in most trunks, even in smaller vehicles
  • Excellent cover from the sun, won’t touch a child’s face regardless of the time of day
  • Easy to carry around a home without bumping into the wall
  • Lots of space in the carrying container underneath the strollers; has one for each seat


  • Tall babies will have a short clearance for their heads, will likely touch the top of the canopy
  • The car seat is awkward and won’t snap on or off easily

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Buyer’s Guide

Like any product that involves small children using it, you should be careful to do your homework about any important information. This could be anything from safety, sizing, and quality of parts/accessories. The guide below will help you pinpoint the exact product that’s best for your child and you.

Types of Stroller Combos

Stroller Combos can be classified into four parts, which are three wheel, four wheel, double, and jogger.

  • Three Wheel: Three wheel strollers are tri-shaped and feature two wheels set widely apart in the back, with one single in the front. They’re best for casual activities such as walking, but shouldn’t be used for jogging.
  • Four Wheel: The four-wheel strollers are almost identical to the three-wheel, but have the ability to move around twists and turns more easily. Speed could be regressed from doing so, however.
  • Double: A double stroller can carry up to two passengers inside of a single compartment. They are very wide but have excellent turning mechanisms. They are highly recommended for anyone that has more than one child.
  • Jogger: A jogger is just for that, parents that wish to move their stroller around at a rapid pace. They tend to have great handling and brakes since using them may require you to make abrupt stops.

Safety always comes First

Arguably, the car seat is probably the combo piece that should be the most secure. A good car seat will have shock absorption barrier on the sides and rear of your infant. Additionally, it shouldn’t take too much effort for you to secure it or unfasten in the event that you and the baby must exit the car quickly. Be sure that the shoulder straps are also high quality, and won’t break or tear. As for the stroller, the wheels should be even on all sides and have no imperfections along with the tread. When evaluating photos of the stroller pieces, look for strongly bolted legs. The latch that you place the car seat on top of might be difficult to attach on the first few tries, but things should slack up a little overtime.

Are Siblings Involved?

Car seat and stroller combo sets are usually made for either one or two passengers. Although it goes without saying, two will have double seats, to which they can detach once you’re ready for the road again. Keep in mind the twin seats tend to be much more of a burden to haul around, and heavier. If you don’t like walking around with a double, two singles should suffice if need be. But this will also take up just as much space in your trunk too, so check the dimensions before you make a decision.

Weight and Size

Most car seat/stroller combos are quite heavy, and you’ll find out fast the amount of a workout placing them in and out of your car can be. The strollers are much easier to lift, but the seats are where much of the weight is concentrated. If there are cup holders or other accessories permanently placed on the seat, things could be even trickier to move around. So before you finish browsing the products featured, it would be a good idea to get an average on the dimensions of your rear passenger seats. As you do it, make sure that you measure the distance between the backrest and the front chair. If you have lots of room to adjust your driver’s seat up a little for your child, do it if you can.


Once you and your baby are ready to hit the stroller, the product should be easy to mount, attach, and move. Look at the wheels, and check to if the pumps are easy for you to reach. You can do this by looking at photos of the strollers next to the brand as well (before you buy). But the steering is another big feature to look out for. Some strollers have little to no steering at all, and those would be much strenuous to move around along sharp corners. If you’re getting a twin stroller, settle for the one that has decent turning where you won’t have to shift your arms too much to change the direction. And once you get your brand sent, be sure not to push in areas where the tires can flatten or puncture!


All of the product featured in the reviews earlier have minimized the amount of assembly you’ll need to complete before using. A good combo set will have a comprehensive, legible, and detailed instructions for you to get it built in the shortest possible time. Some brands could also have a digital copy of the assembly instructions available on the page of the brand. If you see it, give it glance and you’ll know how easy it will be for you to put together. And if you need assistance with it, don’t hesitate to ask! The parts can sometimes be heavy, so two builders are always better than one.


Carriage refers to two points, how easy the car seat itself is for you to carry around with your hands and the stroller. Just as mentioned before, the weight is to help the seat and your baby stay secured. But if you’re ever in a hurry with something and need to get to pick up the car seat alone, you would be well served with one that has a good handle. Many of them are built strong to accompany the load of your child, but their wide nature could wreak havoc on your arms over a short distance. If you absolutely must have a good carrying handle, be sure that it can extend out to at least a 45-degree angle. You’ll be much more comfortable that way. But also consider how easy that would make it for you to get the seat out of the car in the first place. You could grab it and have it sat on the stroller in no time.


Did you find a car seat and stroller combo set that you like? There were only four. If you did, take a moment to compare your choice to the top two Editor’s and People’s Choices. They are the Britax B-Lively & B-Safe 35 Travel System and Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. If one of the two were already chosen, then you’re looking at the best sets in build quality, safety features, and maneuverability.

But don’t just settle there. See how they both stack up against the other two brands that were reviewed. You could change your mind after checking out their great attributes. But when all is said, you will have a good car seat and stroller combo set, regardless of your last choice. When the hard part is over, you’ll be able to buckle up your baby with a high degree of safety.